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Rescheduling of Premier League Matches - May 06, 07 and 09, 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017

The Secretaries and Managers of the Premier League Clubs

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Please note that due to the National Men’s Team participating in an International Friendly during the period of May 04-07, 2017 in St. Kitts and Nevis, the following changes have been made to the Premier League fixtures:

There will be no matches on  Saturday May 06, 2017.

Matches will be as follows:

Sun. May 07, 2017

Brittons Hill  vs. Paradise                         4:00pm

Rendezvous vs. Waterford Compton       6:00pm

Belfield vs. UWI Blackbirds                       8:00pm

Tues. May 09, 2017

Ellerton vs. Notre Dame                            7:00pm

Weymouth Wales vs. BDFSP                    9:00pm

We do apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the BFA office at 228 1707.

Respectfully yours,
Sherrol Austin
Senior Administrative Officer

BFA's Policy on Violence

Saturday April 01, 2017

Dear All

The BFA has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to violence in football and in general. To this end it has launched its “Stop the Violence” campaign which is aimed at sensitizing person about this scourge that is plaguing our society.

We would like to inform our members that reported threats or abuse against officials and fellow players from supporters, fans, officials or players themselves will be forwarded to the police and the BFA will support the law in having these persons prosecuted.

Note that any player, official, club or its supporters found guilty of this behaviour will be subject to extreme disciplinary measures which may include expulsion from the BFA.

Thank you for taking note and be guided accordingly.

Yours truly

Edwyn Wood
General Secretary

Premier Second Round Fixtures

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Dear All

See the revised fixtures for the second round of the Digicel Premier League.

Amendments to BFA Tournament Rules

Friday January 06, 2017

Dear All

Please take note of the following:-

Amendments to the 2017 Tournament Rules of the
Barbados Football Association (BFA)

Effective immediately the following amendments to the BFA’s tournament rules will apply.

  1. Player Transfers

Any member Club may decide on an annual subscription fee for its members. The collection of subscription fees is the onus of the Club.

If at the time of transfer, a player’s subscription arrears are more than $300.00, the maximum amount a Club shall demand from the player is $300.00. A player has the right to settle his or her subscription arrears.

Where a player is paid a fee to play for a Club, a written contractual agreement shall be drawn up indicating the terms of the contract and the player’s fees. The BFA shall provide a contract template on its website for guidance. . A copy of the player’s contract shall be lodged at the BFA for their records prior to the commencement of the football season.


  1. Club “Referee”

A match scheduled by the BFA shall be officiated by an official referee of the BFA or an individual to whom both teams are in agreement.

In the event both Clubs are not in agreement with the Club “referee”, the Referees’ Manager shall appoint an alternative. If the Referees’ Manager is unable to appoint an alternative referee at that time, the match shall be rescheduled to a date to be determined by the BFA.


  1. Premier League

Clubs shall submit no fewer that eighteen (18) players on the team list for each game.  A Club that is unable to field the required number of players 15 minutes after the start of the game  shall  be subject to disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the BFA.  

Where an incentive is being awarded to a Club for winning games, any Club that violates this rule shall be ineligible to be awarded the incentive.

Delaying the Start of the Game

 A Club found guilty of delaying the start of the game shall be subject to disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the BFA.


  1. Premier League & Division One - 2018

There shall be a change in the tournament format for the 2018 season in the Premier League and Division One competitions. The number of Premier League Clubs shall be increased to 12 as follows: The Clubs ending the 2017 season in the ninth and tenth positions shall play against the third and fourth placed Clubs in the Division One.  The winners of these games shall play in the Premier League along with the top two Clubs in Division One.

An irregular match score between two Clubs that casts suspicion shall be investigated by the BFA and if any offence is found to have been committed, the Clubs shall be subject to disciplinary action by the BFA, including expulsion and/or demotion.

A Club is deemed to be in default of a game if:

  1. the Club fields fewer than the required eighteen (18) players;
  2. the Club does not field a team  at all; or
  3. the Club fields a team after the fixed time for the start of play without informing the BFA in a reasonable period of time of the cause(s).

A Club found to be in default according to rules (i)-(iii) shall be fined as follows:-

Premier League                      $1000.00

Division One                            $500.00

Division Two                            $300.00

Division Three                         $200.00

All fines must be paid before the start of the next football season.

A Club that forfeits a game shall also be fined in the same manner as prescribed above.

Amendment to Rule 17 (XVII)

Any player or Club official who receives a red card or two (2) yellow cards during a game shall have his ID card withheld by the referee and submitted with the referee’s report to the BFA.  The player or Club official shall serve a one-match suspension in the competition in which the player or Club official was sent off.  In the event that the Club has no more games to be played in the competition in which the player or Club official was sent off, that player or Club official shall serve a one-match suspension in the next scheduled match.


These amendment can also be found on the BFA's website at the below address:-

Edwyn Wood
BFA General Secretary

Premier League Match Videos On Sale

Thursday February 04, 2016

Dear All,

Please be informed that the  BFA will have on sale, videos of all Premier League matches being played in the 2016 Football Season for a fee of BD$25.00 per match.

For orders please contact Ms. Katrina Kirton or Mr. Edwyn Wood at the BFA office,.




FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

Tuesday February 02, 2016

Dear All

FIFA is offering a Diploma in Football Medicine open to all clubs of the BFA. This is a free online course, designed to help clinicians learn how to diagnose and manage common football-related injuries and illnesses. The course is designed specifically for primary care clinicians including doctors, physiotherapist and other allied health practitioners. No pre-existing sports medicine knowledge is required. 

Clubs are asked to submit the names of persons who are interesting in doing the course for further details to the Barbados Football Association at 228-1707 or via email at office@barbadosfa.com.



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