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Big wins abound in National Youth Cup

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Several teams are intent to go straight to the top in their respective groups in the Scotiabank National Youth Cup as they have taken big wins early on. With the tournament only two weeks in, the goals have been coming in torrents and show no signs of stopping.

In Tier 1 Under-9 action, Kick Start Hot Shots were led to a sound win on the day by a hat-trick from Harry Smith. With the youngster completing the feat last the previous weekend in an 8-0 win against Mavericks Fire, Smith led the charge while Beau Washington (2) and Jacob Gollop added to the tally to bring up a 6-0 result against Brittons Hill at the Kick Start field in Collymore Rock.

In Tier 2 action, fledgling team United Stars Alliance lay down a 4-0 drubbing on All Stars Elite. Khalid Germain got the ball rolling before Malachi Haniff scored back-to-back goals. Shaeshon Scantlebury added the fourth. United had a good day at the office as they would go on to take another clean-sheet win – this time against Kick Start Sparks. Scantlebury and Haniff had starring roles once again with one goal each while Jahi Browne (2) and Amari Goddard beat the keeper to bring up a 5-0 result.

The Sparks were held to two losses on the day as they were beaten by club-mates Kick Start Suns, four goals to one. With Amir Hunte scoring the Sparks' consolation goal, Dimitri Walcott and Asher Branford scored one each while Israel Watson came away with a brace.

In Tier 2 Under-11, it was United Stars Alliance once again as they put three unanswered goals past Brittons Hill. Following on from a similar result against the Barbados Youth Service the previous week, a hot brace from Tashawn Nurse and one from Azhari Dalloway brought up the big win at Kick Start.

Pro Shottas and Fitts Village West Coast also did well on the day with Pro Shottas coming out ahead of Ellerton after David Taza, Evydence Bailey (2) and Dante Haynes gave their team the tools for 4-0 win. West Coast were even better against Empire, finishing 6-0 with goals from Kellem Payne Ethan McColin and a brace each from the boots of Nathan Scott and Roniko Harding.

Pinelands Academy and Pro Shottas had some of the more massive margins in Under-13 Tier 1 action at Blenheim. Brittons Hill could only reply with a goal each from Zidane Belle and Chamar Lovell as Pinelands rolled to 10 on the backs of Nathan Henry, Amego Jordan (2), Kamaal Bryan and Reveira Cottle. Christian St. Hill was the man of the moment with five goals to bring up the total.

Pro Shottas knocked but got no reply from Notre Dame as they ran away to a 9-0 victory. Ethan Campion opened the account while Che Millington and Kenrian Harris added one each, Jalen Johnson had two and Rovaldo Massiah put up three. An own goal made it nine.

Another Pro Shottas team would have a 9-0 encounter as Waterford Compton went down in Under-15 Tier 1 at Parkinson Field. National U-17 player Tajio James helmed the effort with a brace as Kobe Hutson, Shay Prescod, Aaron Jones, Nadre Butcher, Zuhri Morris, Zachari Bellamy and Mikalai Dziazhko all split the bill.

Back at Blenheim Pro Shottas sent a message to all teams in Tier 1 of Under-17 as they scored 13 goals against Kick Start. The losing side had a single consolation from Philip Pilgrim, however, a beaver-trick from Dishon Howell, a hat-trick from Niall Reid-Stephen, a brace from Thierry Gale and single goals from Abiola Grant, Je-Dane Griffith, Noah Padmore and Kobe Griffith rounded out the performance.

Mavericks were also in the money as they put seven past Pinelands Academy. Desean Boyce, Coby Mayers, Jahmali Hutson and Zidane Clarke were all scorers in the game with one each but three from Roshon Gittens pushed Mavericks up to seven.

Tier 2 saw teams crossing swords at the Barbados Community College and Fitts Village West Coast did a bit of damage with theirs. Coming up against FC Mega Ballers, the St. James team decimated their opponents to come out on the favourable end of a 12-0 result. Keshawn Haynes was nigh unstoppable, rocking the nets seven times during the ordeal. Otherwise, the spoils were split evenly as Damon Piggott, Joshua Antrobus, Darian Payne, Kyle Smith and Jakobe Yardley all beat the custodian.




Tier 1

Under-9 Zone A

F.V West Coast – 2 VS Pro Shottas 1

Launfal – 0 VS Paradise – 1


Under-9 Zone B

Brittons Hill – 0 VS Kick Start – 6

King's Park Rangers – 2 VS Mavericks – 1


Under-11 Zone A

Pro Shottas – 0 VS Kick Start – 0

Launfal – 0 VS St. Andrew Lions – 0


Under-11 Zone B

Paradise – 1 VS Pinelands Academy – 2

Mavericks – 1 VS King's Park Rangers – 0


Under-13 Zone A

NSC Blenheim Ballers – 1 VS Kick Start – 1

Barbados Soccer Academy – 0 VS Barbados Youth Service – 3


Under-13 Zone B

Pinelands Academy – 10 VS Brittons Hill – 2

Pro Shottas – 9 VS Notre Dame – 0


Under-15 Zone A

Kick Start – 1 VS NSC Blenheim Ballers – 3

Pinelands Academy – 2 VS Mavericks – 2


Under-15 Zone B

Waterford Compton – 0 VS Pro Shottas – 9

Pride of Gall Hill – 1 VS Paradise – 4


Under-17 Zone A

Kick Start – 1 VS Pro Shottas – 13

Pinelands Academy – 0 VS Mavericks – 7


Under-17 Zone B

Barbados Youth Service – 0 VS Paradise – 1

Pride of Gall Hill – 0 VS Barbados Soccer Academy – 2



Tier 2


United Stars Alliance – 4 VS All Stars Elite -0

Kick Start Sparks – 1 VS Kick Start Suns – 4

Empire – 0 VS Whitehall – 2

Kick Start Sparks – 0 VS United Stars Alliance – 5

All Stars Elite – 2 VS Kick Start Suns – 1

Empire – 2 VS Youth Milan – 1


Under-11 Zone A

Barbados Youth Service – 1 VS Kick Start – 0

United Stars Alliance – 3 VS Brittons Hill – 0


Under-11 Zone B

Ellerton – 0 VS Pro Shottas – 4

F.V West Coast – 6 VS Empire – 0


Under-13 Zone A

F.V West Coast – 5 VS All Stars Elite – 2

Mavericks – 3 VS Pride of Gall Hill – 0


Under-13 Zone B

Paradise – 1 VS Pro Shottas – 1

United Stars Alliance – 0 VS Whitehall – 1



Pro Shottas – 0 VS Ellerton – 0

Cosmos – 4 VS Notre Dame – 1

United Stars Alliance – 0 VS All Stars Elite – 0



Whitehall – 4 VS Brittons Hill – 4

FC Mega Ballers – 0 VS F.V West Coast – 12

Weymouth Wales – 1 VS Barbados Soccer Academy – 3  

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