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Six clubs to answer to the BFA Football Committee for defaulting games already this season

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As the Barbados Football Association continues to strive to improve the quality of the sport on the island, through its vision 'Better Football For A Better Life', the Association is taking a strong stance against the infringements of its rules.

In its quest to stamp out a growing trend of teams defaulting games, a number of clubs have been found in breach and as such, the FA has begun action against these clubs.

Barbados Soccer Academy and Gall Hill in the Scotiabank National Youth Cup, Beverley Hills in Division Two, and Evans Maughan, Lodge Road and Jackson Football Club in Division Two have all missed recent fixtures in their respective competitions and have hauled before the Football Committee to present their case.

The BFA would like to remind clubs of the corresponding Rule 9 VIII which states; 'Teams failing to report for a match except in cases of force majeure shall be fined Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) payable before the next fixtured match. The team may also be referred to the Disciplinary Board for further action.'

Also, Rule 8 XIV defines how points and goals are to be disbursed following defaulted games.

'Three points and three goals shall be awarded to a team winning by default. Six points and three goals shall be debited against the defaulting team.'

The 2018 Domestic Season already well underway with games being played in the Scotiabank National Youth Cup, Divisions 1, 2 and 3 and the Williams Preseason Cup. Anticipation at a fever-pitch for the upcoming Premier League, clubs are reminded that the smooth running of games and competitions are paramount to the BFA as we work together to take the sport forward.


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