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Harris goes full-time into football

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BFA and CFU President and CONCACAF Vice President Randy Harris being presented with a appreciation award during this past week's ceremony.

After giving 42 years of his life as a Sales Manager at BICO, Barbados Football Association President Randolph Harris has made a full-time move to football. This was the highlight as Harris was given a fitting send-off on Tuesday evening by his company after appointments at the Caribbean Football Union and CONCACAF.

Holding posts in football administration for just as long as he spent at the local ice-cream company, Harris was able to balance both loves until election to office as the CFU President and CONCACAF Vice President. The event, which was held at the Savannah Hotel also to celebrate the achievements of staff, was punctuated by open outpourings of love and admiration as management and staff said their goodbyes to the figurative giant as he was described by all as hot and passionate, but always fair.

Born in Antigua, Harris spoke to the media and said that it was a bitter-sweet feeling to move on from his family, but was stoked to get on to bigger things in football. “Any time you have been associated with any organisation for 40 years, you become attached to it. However, I think that I gave them service. I really worked hard during the time that I was there and I have an opportunity now to work in football to see if I can really improve, not only the standard of football here, but also our young players.” he said.

Going on to say that the move would allow him to better execute his vision for the sport, Harris added that the move was necessary. “I think it is a great opportunity for me to be able to work in football full-time. I think that I should be able to do more and produce more and create more because I'll be working there. I am learning a lot in the football world because I tend to want to discuss things with people to see how things are done and it's working for me.”

Noting that he knew he had a massive task ahead of him, Harris said that he was up to the challenge of helping the island move forward. “I need people to look at football and respect it because people still look at it as recreation. But we are working on it as an industry. So if we are looking at it as an industry, we have got to be serious. We feel that we will be able to create for the economy of Barbados in the future.” he said.

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