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Venue lights locked down by NSC

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Deputy Director of the NSC Neil Murrell makes a point while new Chairman of the NSC Mac Fingall looks on.

The start of this season’s Division One competition remains in limbo.

Following an urgent meeting held on Tuesday evening at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium to address the issue of illegal tokens being used at the various National Sports Council (NSC) run venues, chairman of the organisation, Mac Fingall said it was still undecided when the locks would be removed, and play resumed.

“We have an emergency meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) to try and resolve and find a way forward. Then we are going to meet with the football and cricket people as we said. What they are saying will help solve some of the problems if they will take responsibility for all those football fields. I don’t expect 100 per cent fix, but if I could fix 85 per cent, I would feel good. We know there is always that element, but we would like to erase as much as possible,” he said following the two-and-a-half-hour-long meeting which saw some 300 persons in attendance.

“The meeting for me tonight was necessary so I could get them to understand how serious the matter is. Too much money going out and nothing is coming in; it can’t work, it will fall to pieces. The lights will be back on hoping that they understand they have to pay, and not to use these illegal tokens. From the time I see an illegal token that is not ours, I am going to shut that box down again,” he added.

Fingall had previously stated, the monthly electricity bills at the NSC’s facilities ranged from $32 000 to $54 000 monthly, but the Council only collected a few hundred dollars each month for the use of the lights. 

However, the scheduled meeting Wednesday did not come off, and will now be held today morning to decide when the lights would be turned back on. 

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