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Year 2018 goes well for local football

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President Harris with Senior Vice President Capt. Al Walcott during the 2018 Barbados Worker's Union Labour Day Parade.

The coming year is expected to be a good one for the Barbados Football Association as the local governing body for the sport looks back on a red-letter 2018. With several unprecedented advancements made over this calender year, the BFA continues to build its reputation from the standard held before the current administration’s tenure.

Speaking recently, BFA and Caribbean Football Union President, Randy Harris said that the year went well and one of the major developments for local football was the change in the domestic season from a January start to one that kicked off in the latter part of the year to align with the international standard. “We had a pretty quiet season. We had a big change in the format and also in the start of the season. It affected us in a way because we started the new season this year and it was a bit of a challenge financially but as we go forward, that would be a thing of the past.” Harris said.

With the quality of the local game a major talking point for most pundits, Harris said that he had noticed positive changes which have are due in part to coaches and players of clubs investing heavily in themselves. He also said that the introduction of overseas-based players in the Barbados Premier League helped to raise the standard as well. “I think that the quality if the football is rising and the fact that many of the clubs now are bringing people form the region to help strengthen their teams, I think it is a good move. It brings a little more excitement to the football and it also gives our players the opportunity to be able to play against players who play a bit different.” he said.

With 2018 seeing all top-flight football and major competitions returning to a newly-refurbished Wildey Turf, Barbados can now boast that it has a home for football as the facility can now accommodate close to 2000 persons in the new seating arrangement and has a lighting system that is up to Concacaf standard. With plans to start a grand stand at Wildey in the 2019, Harris said that he was pleasantly pleased with how things have been going. “It was extremely exciting to realise that we had passed the inspection of Concacaf and that we would have an official match being played here at Wildey. That was always our dream. Our dream is to have our facility here and try to build it with all the specifications that are needed and really be able to entertain people and other teams in Barbados. It was pretty exciting for me especially because when we started, that is what we were aiming for. We had no problems and everything went well.” he said.


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