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Second set of Capelli Championship teams ready to blaze the trail

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As the second day in the Championship Stage of the Barbados Football Association’s Capelli SuperCup rolls around, the next four teams are set to do battle.

First off the bench this evening will be Empire and Paradise, who are ready for a showdown when the game kicks off at 6 p.m. at the Wildey Turf.

Empire’s Assistant Coach Rick Best, said they intended to put their best foot forward, focus as a team and play as a unit.

“We’re taking it one step at a time and we are respecting all opponents; we’re not underestimating no team. The teams out there are going to use their tactics to win the tournament and we can’t overlook anybody regardless of the stage we reach,” he said.

He added that they would not be underestimating the Dover-based Yellow Submarines.  

“They are a team we can’t take lightly. We have to be very good with our tactics against them. They have a lot of national players. Apart from that, I think our guys are good enough to handle themselves. We have to be smart and be patient in execution; we can’t get frustrated or out of sorts because the first ten or 15 minutes, we have to be disciplined and stick to the game plan,” he said.

They are also set to face Barbados Soccer Academy (BSA) in their final game of this stage.  

“Soccer Academy is a team that has a lot of youngsters and we ain’t got nothing to lose. That might be one of our most difficult teams, but we will take the opportunity as it comes in terms of keeping possession and sticking to the routine that we will want them to play,” he said.

On the Paradise side of the fence, one of the coaching staff Mark Armstrong said the Yellow Submarines were ready to go hard.

“Our game plan remains the same, it would not change from previous games. We have one injury to the team. Our left-back is having a slight problem with his ankle and he will be out of this game. Other than that, we’re ready to face all our opponents,” he said.

They also face BSA in their final game.

“No game is a walk in the park; football plays on the day. We are going to play the game and try to dominate as much as we can and win the game to get to the next round,” he said.  


Meanwhile, in the nightcap game which kicks off at 8 p.m., Weymouth Wales and Notre Dame are also ready to face each other.

Notre Dame’s Head Coach David Ward, who coached Wales from 2017-2018, said he knows how they play and would use that to his advantage.

“We plan to stay focused, play as a team, cover each other’s back and we are coming out there with some determination and aggression and we are confident. We will not stop fighting until the fat lady sings at the last whistle,” he said, adding that they were not going to underestimate the Carrington Village Green Machines.

“We know they are a very strong team with a lot of national and ex-national players. Those who are not ex or national are still top players. Hopefully, we will conquer them. I understand how they play and what we will do is look to play a high line and beat them to the ball; be a step ahead of them,” he said.

Adding that UWI Blackbirds was another “tough nut to crack”, he said they would employ the same system and strategy.

Wales finished top of Group A with 17 goals and lead the tournament after amassing 12 points from four games.

And while Manager Alphonzo Lewis noted everyone said they “have what it takes” and they believed they did, they too were not about to underestimate any team they faced.

“We’re going to go out there and play one game at a time. Taking on Notre Dame, we know what they bring. They’re a Premier League team who usually gives us a run for our money, so we’re not going to take them lightly. We’re going to try to get an early advantage, settle into the game early and go from there and try to walk away with three points,” he said, adding that they would do the same when they faced UWI.  


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