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Wales and Ellerton; winners in their own right

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Capelli SuperCup Champions Weymouth Wales celebrating with Minister of Sport John King (left) and Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Marsha Caddle (right)

Head Coach of Weymouth Wales Thomas Jordan said his team executed their plan and dominated in the fading minutes of the Barbados Football Association’s inaugural Capelli SuperCup.

In the 89th minute, Captain Hadan Holligan was able to get past Ellerton’s custodian Jamar Brewster to seal the deal and grab the $50, 000 grand prize at the Wildey Turf.  

“We had to contain Shakille Belle because of his speed and his goal-scoring ability, so we had to be very careful of that. We had to make sure he did not get the ball as much as possible, defend deep and at the same time concentrate on our attack in terms of maintaining ball possession and trying to penetrate them through the middle of their defense,” he said.

Jordan, not discrediting Ellerton said they gave a good account of themselves in terms of defending.

“They defended in numbers and sensibly, and made it very difficult for us to penetrate them, but at the end of the day we wore them down until we got through them. We decided that we would have to win the game in the second half because of the age difference. They are more youthful than us and much faster. We determined it would be harder to play against them in the first half. The plan was not to allow them to score in the first half, which we did.

“We knew if we stopped them from scoring in the first half, we were confident that we would dominate and have a better game, which is exactly what happened. In the last 20 minutes, they were virtually dead and had no more life in them and we were able to take the game over and score,” he said.

Jordan said while the team won the Champions Cup earlier this year, they missed out on the Premiership earlier this year and were determined not to lose after winning the latter last year.

“We decided we would go hard to win the knock-out and then to win any other tournament that comes our way. The determination was there from the guys and they put in the hard work. They wanted to make up for what they did not achieve in the Premier League,” he declared.


Ellerton grabbed the brunt of the Capelli SuperCup awards on Sunday. 



Meanwhile, Ellerton’s Head Coach, Corey “Beenie Man” Barrow said his team did everything right in that game except score.

“It was a game that lived up to its ability with end-to-end action. I said it would be a game that the defense and the keepers would have to come up big because both teams have strong attacks. In the first half, we stuck to our game plan and had them on the back foot.

“Overall we dominated the game, especially the first half, and threw [Wales] off their game and had them unsettled and fretting. We did everything right in that game except score and that mistake in defense in the last minute of the game cost us,” he said dejectedly.

However, while admitting they all cried last night, Barrow noted one of the positives was that they earned greater respect in the football community following the tournament.  

“Whether it was fans, players or coaches, there is that respect now. Who didn’t know thought it was a walkover for Wales. The fans came out and supported us and it was amazing to see them there. The game was intense and competitive. Forget that one goal separating the winner from the loser, it is testament to how the game played,” he said.  

And while not grabbing the grand prize, Ellerton took the haul of the awards with Best Goalkeeper, Most Valuable Player, Most Goals and Best Midfielder and the second-place prize of $20,000.

“That is another positive for us. It just showed the level and tenacity of how we were playing; the hunger and the desire to achieve greatness. Although we won the lion share of the awards we emphasized on teamwork; that was our main emphasis.

“Yes, Shakille Belle was our top guy and captain, but there were games he had the opportunity to score and rather than get them himself, he shared. Shaquan Clarke who won Best Midfielder, half of his goals Shakille Belle set him up. So although they were neck and neck, they were not stingy,” he said.

Barrow said although they wanted to win the Championship, and Belle told the team and management he wanted to win the car, Clarke said he wanted the same.

“We are not going to have sour grapes or anything like that. Kudos to Wales, but they know in their hearts we had them to bury. The fans knew it, everybody knew it, but at the end of the day goals win games,” he said.


Both teams are now preparing themselves fro the start of the official football season, which is set to begin in another six weeks. 

Jordan said his club was looking to make some changes, and hinted that he may not be the coach come 2020. 

“We will have to see what the transfer table brings. We probably will undergo some restructuring as well. We’re trying to restructure to accommodate the younger persons we want to bring in and are trying to get a younger coach to deal with the team. That may be the direction the club is taking, but we still have to meet and decide. As it is, I am not planning to be there in a coaching capacity next year; I plan to do the management level of things,” he said.

Ellerton on the other hand, said they were looking forward to what the future held and the new talent that was sure to sign on. 

“We love to emphasize on the youth and so many youthful players have already approached me over the last few weeks and said they want to play for Ellerton. This is inspiration for next season. The boys feel bad and are heartbroken, but this is motivation for Premier League and we are out to win everything. Whenever they talk about football in Barbados, Ellerton must be called in the top four,” he said.

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