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Behind The Goal Lines: Dr Scott Cooley

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The newest addition to the Barbados Football Association’s top flight team, Dr Scott Cooley is here to ensure the players function at their optimum, so they can always perform at their best.

That was his declaration having joined the ranks of the senior men’s management team back in February.

Cooley, who hails from Victoria, Canada, has been on the island for the last seven and a half years, plying his trade at Sunset Crest Chiropractic. But an introduction from a patient and friend to Head Coach Russell Latapy allowed him to put his two passions, football and chiropractic medicine, together once again.

Cooley, the former chiropractor for the Major League Soccer’s Vancouver Whitecaps FC has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to football. He most recently played for Carlton Club.  

“When I met Russell, I had told him that I used to work with the Whitecaps and I had done my FIFA Medical Diploma in Football Medicine, and he was interested in having me come work with the team,” he explained.

And while he noted the team was gearing up for the home and away game with the Guyana Golden Jaguars, COVID-19 forced a halt to the sport.

“I am still getting to know the names and faces, but it’s good. I am ideally here to assist with the optimum performance of the tram. And in addition with the other members of the medical team, keep the guys functioning at their best so that they can perform at their best,” he said.

And Cooley said he enjoyed working alongside the current management team.

“I think Russell is doing a very good job. It’s a very professional attitude and manner in which they are running the team, which is great. I can see he’s doing a lot of work and the guys seem to be on board with what he’s doing. Hopefully that all come together in some big wins,” he said.


Cooley, who knows the depth of chiropractic medicine, having seen his mom used it successfully and having used it successfully himself following a snowboarding accident, actually gave up studying engineering to become a chiropractor.

He has worked alongside professional athletes in the MLS, NFL, Olympians, National and Provincial team athletes and many celebrities.

Then in early 2012, Cooley traveled to Ghana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on chiropractic mission work. And on his very first trip to Barbados, he decided this was where he needed to be.

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