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Local Football Gets Boost

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Local football has gotten a much-needed boost after being granted $3 million from FIFA.

And already the Barbados Football Association has received the first $1 million installment as part of the FIFA Solidarity Grant $2 million Relief Package. The grant is payable in two installments, with the final payment set for January 2021.

The football world governing body approved the grant to assist its 211 Member Associations who were severely impacted by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds may be used for the Association’s operations, support to clubs, support to match officials, and support to sanctioned leagues and academies. FIFA made it very clear that the funds must be used toward the direct impact of COVID-19 on the Member Associations, and all remaining funds must be used on football development and activities.

BFA’s president Randy Harris noted the funds would assist with mitigating the financial impact caused by the pandemic.

The BFA, like some other Member Associations, did not suffer any major impact as a result of the pandemic which sent the country into lockdown back in March, forcing the suspension of all football activity under the BFA island-wide.  

Additionally, a one-time installment $1 million grant was paid to Women’s Football, which must be used exclusively on the development of the women’s game.

As a result, the BFA’s executive committee has pledged $570,000 to be invested in all its member clubs to assist with their development and to allow clubs to better prepare for upcoming competition.

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