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Harris: Time To Move Forward

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In admitting that things fell apart in the Concacaf Gold Cup for the Bajan Tridents, President Randy Harris says it is now time to get their acts together and move forward in a positive way in the interest of the game in Barbados.

While he noted the 8-1 result against Bermuda in the Preliminary Round of the Gold Cup was devastating to everybody, Harris said what he was hearing was hostility.

“I am not hearing, until today in this press conference, people giving suggestions as to the way we can perform. Personally, I was around it, I understood it, and I thought we did quite well in the World Cup Qualifiers taking into consideration we were one of the few teams that were unable to play competitive football which is very important. In this situation with COVID in our surrounding areas, it was difficult to get practice matches going forward in this competition. In order to go forward and realize what quality of work we have to put in, these things will happen,” he said during a press conference yesterday via Zoom.

Harris noted he was banned for five years (2003-2007) by football’s world governing body FIFA, so he was not a quitter by any means, and was ready to do what was necessary to take local football forward.

“I believe this situation is one that we can pick up the pieces and move forward. I myself invited the Council of Barbados representatives to Florida to watch the game because I was confident we would do well in this particular game, based on what was happening at training. However, that did not manifest itself on the field of play for various reasons. I think also that we have to take into consideration the psychological aspect of football and work with our players to get there. I thought the whole atmosphere may have been overwhelming, and sometimes these things take a toll on players in an amateur situation.

“However, I am confident if we, all of us who are interested in the development of Barbados football, work together and support each other we will go forward. There have been external situations . . . and people in public who have influence over players have been discussing issues with them as to why they aren’t playing, and making them feel they were being “unfaired”. All of these things affect the team, but we’re trying to build a team. Over the years we’ve had excellent players, and most of the time we depended on these excellent players to win games,” he stressed.

The president added the Barbados Football Association was trying to go in another direction where they were building a team supportive of each other.

“There are egos, but in the final analysis, we are playing for Barbados. A lot of the people who are crying down the team, its management, and even the administration of the BFA, have been recently saying the team has been showing some measure of improvement.  I am confident that was a one-off situation and that we can do much better,” Harris said. 

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