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Concacaf and CFU Remain Committed To Regional Football

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The biggest setback in the region is its inability to have professional football at this time.

But Caribbean Football Association (CFU) President Randy Harris is hopeful their four-year Strategic Plan will allow them to change that.

Harris, who is also the Vice President of Concacaf, said that entity was focused on the Concacaf Gold Cup at the moment, but they remained committed to building out areas that needed strengthening throughout the region.

“[The Gold Cup] has taken up all the energies of the Concacaf staff and its Executive, but there are some issues that we have discussed at an Executive level, and those issues are to include some building of the administrative and coaching areas in the region,” he said.

He added: “Most of our teams have played great games but not consistently. It is an issue for both Concacaf and the CFU in terms of performance on the field of play. Our biggest setback in the region is the inability to have professional football at this time. We’re working on it, and from a CFU point of view, anybody who is looking forward to negotiating for broadcast rights for 2026 will now have to think further than just broadcast rights.”

Harris noted there was a need for more competition without reinventing the wheel.

“We want them to invest in the region by looking and promoting competition for us, whether it is Under-21 or Under-23 because we do not want to reinvent the wheel. Concacaf is doing the Concacaf Nations League for the seniors, but we need to have some form of competition for men and women that would create a different interest in the game in the region.

“As far as the CFU is concerned, we are into a training mode in all areas and all aspects of the game. If you see our Strategic Plan you would have a better idea of how we intend to move over the next four years,” he said. 

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