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BFA's new Technical Director is on board

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From Left: BFA's new Technical Director Ahmed Mohamed, President Randy Harris and Chairman of the BFA's Technical Committee Adrian Donovan.

“I WANT TO BE successful in Barbados”. That is the personal mandate of the Barbados Football Association’s (BFA) technical director Somalia-born Ahmed Mohamed, who was speaking at his first press conference at their Wildey headquarters yesterday.

“My goal is to develop the football from the grass roots to the men’s national team. We have [a] different kind of technical development plan, but I am working on it as you guys saw in the last game against Martinique. I was happy to come a little bit earlier so I can start working with the teams already.

“Barbados has quite a young team with talent. The only thing they need is good guidance. I know how to work with youth teams as [I have coached] former youth boys’ and US Virgin Islands national team. The average age I had there was 19, and we did very well in the World Cup qualifiers,” he said.

In an effort to improve football on the island, the former technical director of the US Virgin Islands Football Federation, asked for patience and cooperation from all. “What I need is just cooperation and patience, and I am quite sure I will not disappoint you. I know how the football is. You will see my work for sure, and then I will let you guys decide. As you know you cannot build a house today for tomorrow, and then try to live in it by the next day; that is not possible. It is a process and every process needs time,” he said.

He also has plans of graduating Barbados to the first level in the CONCACAF zone. “One thing I can tell you is that we have a very good youth team in the national team. And the other part by the coaching education, Barbados is one of the countries that have the C level. I want to make sure that we are the first level in the CONCACAF zone to have the B licence. It means I would help personally all coaches that we think are candidates to go to that level in terms of improving the football,” said Mohamed, who turned 37 last month.

Noting they now had a different type of mandate, he explained that the job of technical director today is different. “We have different types of mandate in the association, CONCACAF and FIFA. We have a lot of work to do here, and the Association is expecting that I fulfil all those mandates. CONCACAF is expecting all those mandates, and FIFA is expecting the mandates too... Barbados is offering everything to go to the next level,” he said. (Adapted from Nationnews.com)

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