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Stag Beer Champions Cup second round match-ups selected.

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From Left: Mark Forde, Referees Manager, Troy Clarke, Brand Manager for Stag Beer and Edwyn Wood, BFA General Secretary

The draw for the second round of the Stag Beer Champions Cup came off yesterday at a press conference at the BFA headquarters yesterday. Brand Manager for Stag Beer Troy Clarke was on hand to draw the teams to determine their placements.

After the first round, 31 teams from Division Two and Three have advanced and were joined by the 13 Division One teams. From this group of 44 teams 22 winners will advance to the third round to be pooled with the 10 Premier League teams for the round of 32.

Yesterday’s draw saw some interesting match ups with Division One St. Andrew Lions contesting their Division One counter-part Youth Milan. Milan in recent years have not found favour in this competition and will be hoping to change that considering their current form in the Division One League.

Division two front runners Haynesville will travel to St. Peter to contest Division One Sunrise. Sunrise sit in mid-table in that League so this could be an interesting one.

Another Division two front runner Potential Ballers could be in a spot of bother as they face Division One title contenders Empire at Bank Hall.

Deacons are also challenging for a promotion to Division One and will face Wotton who are having a miserable season in the said Division.

The full line up reads (home teams mentioned first):

Parish Land vs Benfica

Checker Hall vs Hothersal Turning

Red & White vs Villa United

B’dos Youth Service vs Bydes Mill

Bye vs Dayrells Road

Central League Spartans vs B’dos Fire Service

Empire vs Potential Ballers

St. John Sonnets vs Greens


Eastern united vs Blackspurs

L&R vs Exactly

Silver Sands vs College Savannah

Deacons vs Wotton

Sunrise vs Haynesville

Kickstart vs Fairy Valley

Pinelands vs Emmerton

Gall Hill vs Beverly Hills

Maxwell vs Porey Springs

Bagatelle vs Ivy Rovers

KPR vs Road View United

St. Andrew Lions vs Youth Milan

Caribbean United vs B’dos Soccer Academy

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