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Banks Breweries to Host U13 in National Youth Cup

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The Barbados Football Association is pleased to announce Banks Brewery's former headquarters in Wildey St Michael will once again host BFA youth football. This time it will be in the form of the National Youth Cup 2017 U13's age group.

The venue was around from as far back as 1964 mainly for workers of the Brewery. It started life as a cricket ground and was admitted into the Division One competition in 1973. Football also was played at this venue with the First Division (currently the Premier League) in the 1980's  and also hosted a knockout finals in 1998/99 season.  Banks also hosts many versions of the youth competition known as "The Barbados Cup" and is current the training ground of 2017's outstanding youth club Pro Shottas Soccer School.

The venue has more than adequate parking space to hosts suchs an event. The main clubhouse also contains two changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, bar and an excellent veiwing and seating in full shade to watch activities on the field. 

The U13 competition in the recently concluded Guardian Group Tournament was extremely competitive. And all the big hitters have returned to once again challenge to be called best on the island. The opening fixtures for the U13 at Banks are as follows

Thursday 13th July
8:30am B.S.A vs Mavericks
9:40am Gall Hill vs New Generation FC
10:50am Pro Shottas vs WhiteHall
12:00pm N.S.C Blenheim Ballers vs U17 National Girls Team

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