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20 new Coaches make grade

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THE BARBADOS FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (BFA) has added 20 new coaches to its list after the completion of a CONCACAF E licence course.

The course, which began on Tuesday and ended yesterday, was overseen by technical director of the Jamaican Football Federation, Vinmore Blaine.

“In the recent past, we noticed the D licence participants were first-time coaches, and they were struggling, so CONCACAF decided we should come up with a course that would lead them into a D licence,” he explained at the end of Wednesday’s coaching session at the Wildey Astroturf.

“Normally we would have a grass-roots course, but it is a little above a grass-roots course. We will culminate in a grass-roots festival, but the content of the course is more toward the technical development of the players,”

The majority of the participants had had no prior coaching ability, but Blaine said he was not worried about that.

“The E licence is a precursor to the D licence. The participants are very receptive; they are knowledgeable and what I have done so far is not to worry so much about them not coaching before, but give them the rudiments and methodology of coaching,” he said.

Interested in learning

“They don’t have a test, but at least when they get the information given, in part it is the same thing they will get back in the D licence course, but this time they would have to do a practical test,” he said.

Blaine said the most important thing was that the coaches were interested in learning, and would now be able to gain more experience.

“Barbados is not different when it comes to coaching across the region. Everybody struggles in certain areas, but the need for information is very high from them. I think this group is doing well for coaches who have not coached before. They receive information well, and the most important thing is they are interested in learning.

“The course is planned in a way where it is very difficult for them to fail. We recognise that coaching depends on how often you coach.

This is like a driver’s licence, where after you get it you get the chance now to go and drive.

They are now licensed to go and get some more coaching experience.

Coaching is all about experience; it is not about reading a book. Once they have this licence they will be able to attach themselves to a club and eventually coach in major competitions,” he said. (RA)

Adapted from nationnews.com

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