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Premier League teams drawn for Zones for the 2018 season

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The teams that will appear in the two zones for the new 2018 season has been drawn and will see four former champions contest each other in the same zone. The draw took place on Monday evening at the BFA’s Headquarters and was attended by 10 of the 12 Premier League clubs.

Persons in attendance representing the teams were invited to participate in the draw with each club being given a chance to select balls to determine where the teams will fall.

In Zone One defending champions Weymouth Wales will line up against Paradise, Notre Dame, Brittons Hill, Silver Sands and Empire while Zone 2 will consist of the BDF Sports Programme, Rendezvous, Ellerton, UWI Blackbirds, Waterford Compton and Porey Spring.

The 2018 Season will kick off on January 7th with what is expected to be a new and exciting format to the league, which was increased from 10 teams to 12. Each team will play a minimum of 16 matches before the play-off rounds. Teams will get the chance to play all the other teams in their same zone twice and will also play all the other teams in the opposite zone once.

At the end of the preliminary matches the winner of each zone will play each other to determine the overall champion and the two teams placing second in each zone will also play each other to determine the 3rd and 4th placed teams overall.

The new format will also see three teams being demoted from the Premier League. The teams placing 6th in each zone will be automatically demoted while the 5th placed team in each zone will play each other. The loser of that match will also be demoted.

Prize money will now be awarded to the top four over-all placed teams and teams will collect a cash incentive for every game they win for the duration of the season.

The new format has also been extended to the Division One competition which was also increased to 14 teams for 2018. The seven teams which will determine their two zones is expected to be drawn shortly.

Some of the participants at the draw held on Monday night at the BFA Headquarters.

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