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BFA affiliates get AED and First Aid training

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Just weeks after the Barbados Football Association was presented with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) by the Rotary Club of Barbados, some of the Association's affiliates were armed with the expertise to operate the life-saving device. With six of the Association's partners taking in the training this past Sunday, they were schooled by Regal Development Solutions.

Along with two national team medics, one referee, one national physical trainer and the national Under-20 Manager, Technical Assistant Mike Foster was also in for the training. He said that he hoped that there was never a need for his training but was glad to have taken it in. “The training course was very good, very informative and touched on almost everything to do with First Aid. I still hope I never have to use one of those machines on anyone or give mouth-to-mouth but if I do, I should be in a better position to administer whatever treatment I need to.” he said.

Going on to say that everyone in the session would have had some first contact experience, Foster said that it was a timely update. “It went along quickly but it was a very good course and I think most people that went had done some form of First Aid in the past but it was just retouching or bringing up new ideas, which was great.” he said.

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