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2018 season opens

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BFA President Randy Harris speaking during yesterday's opening ceremony for the 2018 Domestic Season.


Sixty-five clubs took to the track at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex to show off their colours when the Barbados Football Association opened their 2018 Domestic Season. With 74 being licensed for competition throughout the divisions this year, it was brand new youth club United Stars Alliance that took the top prize as Best Team on Parade.

The day saw hundreds of fans coming out to cheer on clubs and players from their communities as the new season got off the ground. Speaking during the feature address, BFA President Randy Harris asked lovers of the sport to continue lending their support as the association turned a new leaf. “This year the BFA, in its Premier League, has instituted a new format. I am asking all of the players and the fans to support the BFA in this new initiative. We have been playing football in the Premier League now for the past 15 years and have been taking the full brunt of the financial resources to run a tournament. We in the BFA think that these resources can be better used for development of our players and running our programmes so that our young people can become better citizens while playing the game of football.” he said.

Going on to condemn the ongoing spate of gun violence in the island, President Harris put forward a proposal that could possibly see at-risk youth coming into gainful situations with the BFA. “I want to thank you all for the support to the BFA so far but it would be remiss of me as the head of a youth organisation, working for development of the future of Barbados, if I did not mention the worrying problem of gun violence in Barbados. And I know that it is affecting registered players of the BFA and their families, and I am asking that we do something seriously about this problem. Incarceration and severity is not the only answer. We at the BFA want to give our players who are unemployed and uncertified an opportunity to come to the BFA on a daily basis and work on their football skills and also try to improve to become better citizens to fit in the society. We are still looking for partners in this venture because we don't have all the answers. We are a football organisation and we know that we can develop them to a stage where they can make a very serious contribution to this country in sport.”

The highlight of Sunday's proceedings saw two games being played with national players getting a chance to showcase their skills for the patrons.   

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