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Club Licensing - November 1st to Nov 22nd, 2019
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Here's how to get your Club Licensed

Responsibilities of the Club

In order to obtain a Barbados Football Association Club License and subsequently become eligible to participate in the domestic club competition of the BFA for 2020, the club must meet all Domestic Criteria listed in Section III of the BFA Club Licensing Regulations.

The Supporting Documentation indicated must be submitted to the Club Licensing Manager in the club's license application by the specified deadline.

1.   All Clubs must complete registration on Concacaf's Website

      » Club Infrastructure Form
      » Club General Form
      » Club Finance Form
      » Club Youth Development Form

2.   Each Premier League Club must have an active youth component
      Each Division One League Club must submit a youth development plan for their club.
3.   Each Premier League Club is required to have a certified first aid person on the management team
4.   Each Premier League club must have a minimum D Licensed Coach on the first Management Team
5.   Appoint a General Manager
6.   Appoint a Media Officer
7.   Appoint a Finance Officer
8.   Appoint a Marketing Officer (Posts in 4, 5, 6 & 7 must be filled by at least 3 persons.)
9.   Submit Budget for upcoming season
10. Submit Legal Declaration by authorized signatory
11. Submit club Confidentiality Agreement
12. Submit club ownership structure and control mechanism
13. Submit club statutes or equivalent legal document
14. Permission from owner for use of training grounds
15. Team Registration (Annual Subs) before November 22nd, 2019.

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Clubs are urged to seek permission from the National Sports Council as early as possible to use venues for the upcoming season.

There are no additional fees associated with Club Licensing. Only your regular yearly subscription fees apply

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