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Tridents dim Anguilla's Lights

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Barbados was served a taste of their own medicine when they faced Anguilla tonight in their matchup of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers' first leg. It was like deja vu and a reenactment of what happened when they played their first Qualifier against Panama. 

The Bajan Tridents waited until the last ten minutes of the Group D game to deliver and secure a much-needed three points courtesy a set-piece by the Netherlands-based Ryan Trotman dimming Anguilla’s lights.

Playing at the Felix Sanchez Stadium in the Dominican Republic, the “home” side who was heavily favored to win, endured an agonizing 81 minutes, before their unknown assassin Emile Saimovici was able to nod home the winner for the Tridents, past an unsuspecting Darius Lantan.

Russell Latapy’s men did not look the part as Stern John’s Dolphins kept the pressure up, getting their defense up at every turn. However, the “Little Magician” worked his magic and increased his offensive power in the second half with changes in Ackeel Applewhaite, Niall Reid-Stephen, and Keon Atkins. That was all the magic they needed.

As the final whistle was blown to signal the end of the game, the agony of defeat was etched on the faces of Stern John’s men as the tears flowed freely, while others hung their heads in defeat.

The Tridents will face Dominica and the Dominican Republic in June in the final leg of the Qualifiers.



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Yes, it was a struggle against a well drilled Anguilla, but there are no easy matches at International Level nowadays. Barbados know exactly what they need to do now in June and that is to defeat both Dominica and Dominican Republic. The critics will be out in force I guess now but Russell will shield his players from unjust and unwarranted criticism and hopefully his players can remain both injury and Covid free so he can prepare them for these two important matches, something he was deprived of this past year with Covid. If the public gets behind Barbados, they will qualify for the next round, something surely every Bajan wants to see so let's get 100% behind the team!


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